Patients Reviews

Dr Quam is AMaZinG! I seriously wish more physicians had his caring, thoughtful traits. He really looks after his patients and offers them help managing chronic pain so they can get through life for day to day activities. Spine pain is terrible and can't give him high enough regards for taking care of me but also my elderly mother! And thanks to Sarah B and entire office & nursing staff for assisting also!

Cindy G.
I saw Dr Spellman for lower back pain. He was very professional and talked to me in a respectful way. Answered all my questions in a way that I could understand. He seemed very caring.

Deb C.
My husband and I have been clients at Metro Pain in West Des Moines for at least 20 years. Dr. Sykes oh my. He is wonderful beyond compare. He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, patient, displays grace. He rescued me from horrendous Pain the first time I went there. My Mom many years ago took an antibiotic that destroyed my skeletal system. Dr. Sykes, absolutely wonderful. N.P. Sarah Biscoglia wonderful as well. She took our care over many years ago. She is incredibly intelligent, incredibly kind, patient, and displays grace. She sure knows her meds. My husband was going to take calcium. Sarah said no because he has kidney issues. Ty for that Sarah!! She knows we live a distance away and will see us on computer when she can. Ty Sarah for everything!!! Thank you. I want to add, Dr. Sykes gave my husband a shot one time. I can't remember why but this injection needed to be given backwards. Dr. Sykes did this with ease and hubby felt no pain. Ty to all.

Nancy P.
Absolutely the best to work with!

Kelly D.
Dr. Ransdell for timely and appropriate response to my pain. Thank you so much Dr. Ransdell!

Michael M.
Dr. Sykes is fantastic! Wouldn’t go to anyone else. The staff are friendly and professional.

Dan G.
Good. Everyone friendly

Theressa K.
Dr Quam is a thorough and caring pain specialist without whom I would not be in very good shape. Thank you doctor for your excellent care.

Phillip S.